Atelier del Paesaggio

Il giardiniere ha la mani occupate e lo spirito libero

Spacegarden – International Garden Festival Allariz 2015

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The project’s title takes the experience of the garden to lunar landscapes and evokes the light-hearted childish play in fantastic interstellar adventures.
The proposed path smoothly runs around the three installations placed in the parcel. These are metal objects in the shape of spacecrafts, rockets and planets cover by ivy, so to recreate the space theme in nature.
The project is inspired by the ars topiaria tradition, a gardening technique used since the ancient times. The fences are trimmed to obtain animal shapes or ornamental geometrics. With the help of gauges the plants are cut to maintain a given shape different from their natural one.
In this project it’s not the fences that are shaped to appear as odd presences in the garden, but the support to the climbing plants is given by structures made of iron rods bended and welded to create simple and funny elements whose shapes remind the planetary dynamics of our solar system.
The garden’s ground has been marked out with circles and curves and worked, together with the covering carpet of Lippia , so to resemble the moon surface with it’s peculiar texture of mounds and folds.
To create a landscape and mark the garden’s edge, the northern part of the parcel will be profusely planted with Gaura , a lively and vaporous plant, and dotted by slender Pennisetum clumps alternated with the globose Allium ; all these species with white blooming that will alternate all the spring to late summer.


Spacegarden di Atelier del Paesaggio


Autore: baguza2012

ATELIER DEL PAESAGGIO è nato nel 2010 in occasione del Master in Paesaggio del Comune di Milano. Il gruppo ha collaborato per la progettazione di diversi siti, per la rigenerazione di spazi urbani marginali e zone semi-abbandonate, preferendo l'uso di specie autoctone e a bassa manutenzione.


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